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EV Charger Installation Near You Aliso Viejo

Driving an electric vehicle comes with enormous benefits to the earth and your budget!

Whether you’ve bought an EV to go green, to save on gas money, or because you love new tech, there’s no doubt electric vehicles are paving the way to a more convenient and eco-friendly future. The only downside to an electric car is that you don’t want to get caught out on the road with a dead battery. A professional EV charger installation in your home creates peace of mind and saves time from having to sit at public charging stations.

Are you interested in outfitting your home with an EV charger? Trust our experienced electricians with the EV charging installation process for cars in and around Orange County, including:

Laguna Beach

Ladera Ranch


Laguna Hills


Mission Viejo

Laguna Niguel

Aliso Viejo

Lake Forest

Whether you have a Tesla, Volvo, Hyundai, Rivian, Ford, Kia, Jeep or other electric vehicle, you can turn to our team to install an EV charger to wake up to a fully charged car every morning.

Installing Tesla Wall Connectors

With your new Tesla, you may have questions about operating your EV charger. The good news is that our professionals will always be here for you. Our specialists will make sure that your Tesla charger installation is handled with care so that the charging station can operate at peak performance. We’ll also ensure your car is charging correctly.
Our professionals take great pride in assisting our customers with their concerns. We will advise you on how to find an EV charger as well as handle your home EV charging installation for cars in Orange County, CA, perfectly. If you are concerned about how to operate your charger, or if you are still confused about which equipment to use for your Tesla or other EV car, our dedicated team will be here to help.

Installing Other Level 2 Chargers

Although Tesla is the most popular EV, our trained and certified electricians install just as many non-Tesla EV chargers.
The most popular Level 2 chargers that we install are ChargePoint, Wallbox, Rivian and Ford. These Level 2 chargers are compatible with all EVs on the road.

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