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Smoke Detector Repair & Installation Aliso Viejo Ladera Ranch

Smoke Detector Repair & Installation in Orange County, CA

Safety in a home or business is a top priority, and when it comes to protecting lives in the unfortunate event of a fire, you can’t afford to cut corners. Professionally installed and repaired smoke detectors (or smoke alarms) are a smart way to protect people and property. AB Electrical Services is a community partner you can trust to keep your family, friends, or clients safe with quality smoke detector services in Orange County, CA


Smoke detectors detect smoke particles, gasses, and sudden temperature increases from a fire. Smoke detectors have two parts: the sensor that detects severe levels of smoke and the loud electronic horn that alerts and wakes people. It is recommended that smoke detectors be placed on every level of a home. You should check local ordinances to determine where smoke detectors must be placed in a business. 

Each year, smoke detectors save thousands of lives. Our smoke detectors are hard-wired into the home or business, and all detectors will sound alarms at once if smoke or fire is detected anywhere in the building.


Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Without a properly working smoke alarm, you run the risk of being caught off guard, which can result in the loss of your home, business, or worse. When a reliable smoke detector system is in place, you have an early warning system for a dangerous developing situation that can make the difference between getting out of harm’s way or being injured or dying in a fire.

Decreased Risk of Fire Damage

Smoke alarms can alert you quickly and help allow you enough time to put out a fire or get help from the fire department immediately before a fire gets out of control. This fire protection tool helps prevent your assets from being damaged or destroyed.

Some Smart Alarms Can Send Emergency Alerts

Some smart smoke alarm systems can be set up to alert the proper authorities in the event of a fire. In addition, notifications can be sent to multiple parties through an app to allow others to respond quickly.

Monitoring Around the Clock

Smoke detectors are working 24/7 to protect your home or business. You can enjoy peace of mind when you know you have a reliable smoke.


According to the U.S. Fire Administration (U.S.F.A.), smoke detectors should be checked monthly, and batteries should be replaced at least once or twice a year. Even hard-wired smoke detectors have batteries for backup if the power goes out. After ten years, your smoke detector is due for replacement. If your smoke detector is experiencing issues or malfunctions, call AB Electrical Services for smoke alarm service repair and maintenance.

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